Islam: Alternative Religious Voices In World Affairs

Book: Islam: A Very Short Introduction by Malise Ruthann.

Videos From YouTube:

Competing voices on the place of religion in the public sphere:
This video contains mildly anti-Semitic speech in its discussion.

Rashid: Message to Baghdadi


Adnan Ibrahim: Human heritage versus extremists

Turki al-Hamad:

Bahraini Shiite:

Youthful expressions:

How do I believe:

Listen to my cry:

Music and Islam:

Master Narratives of Extremists:

Islam is targeted:
This video has disturbing images.

Muslims are victims:

The Caliphate needs to be restored:
This video contains anti-Zionist language and disturbing images.

West is terrorist:
This video contains disturbing, violent accounts.

American Muslims respond, Zaytuna:

Hamza Yusuf:

Pushing for Religious freedom:

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