Religion and NGO's

Richard Ruffin

Richard Ruffin
Roundtable Chair

This roundtable examines the under-appreciated factor of trust in restoring and sustaining peace. We consider case studies internationally and in U.S. communities where trust has been critical in diffusing potential conflicts and restoring peace. But how is trust built? Special attention is given to the role of sustained dialogue, including inter-religious dialogue. The strategies and effectiveness of certain faith-based NGOs are examined. Particular attention is given to Hope in the Cities, a U.S. NGO whose work of racial reconciliation in Richmond, Virginia, over more than twenty years has important lessons for peace-building in international conflicts. We also analyze how a mediation center in Kaduna, Nigeria, has used experience of profound personal reconciliation across religious divides to inspire trust in several African conflicts. At the same time, the limitations of trust-building as a strategy for peace are candidly assessed.


Student Assistant: TBA
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