Youth, Demographics and Social Change

Youth in the Middle East currently face an unrivaled combination of challenges and opportunities. Young men and women comprise about 30 percent of the region’s population. During the 2009-2011 Uprisings, they played vital roles in organizing, facilitating and agitating for change. Yet poor education systems, stalled economies and restrictive governance curtail their life choices. Continued political roadblocks and lack of good jobs result in frustration. In our roundtable, we will look at the following questions: 1) what kind of future do young men and women throughout the countries of the Middle East face in terms of education, employment, and marriage and family? 2) What are their concerns, hopes and aspirations? 3) What restrictions are levied on one hand by state governments and on the other by tradition and social mores? 4) How do they respond to the upsurge of Islamism and violence in the region?


Professor Donna Lee Bowen - Roundtable Chair
TBA - Student Assistant

Youth, Demographics and Social Change Report a Problem