Professor Quinn Mecham

Professor Quinn Mecham

Middle East expert Quinn Mecham teaches courses on Comparative Politics, Middle Eastern Politics, Civil Conflict, and Political Islam. His primary research focuses on Islamic movements and the strategies and behavior of Islamist political parties.

Additionally, he has written on sectarian violence, civil conflict, authoritarianism, and state failure. He has done field research in Turkey (Fulbright, 2001-2002), Morocco, Senegal, France, Egypt, Indonesia, among other countries.

He was an Academy Scholar at Harvard University (2007-08), a visiting scholar at George Washington University (2009-10), and a member of the Policy Planning Staff of the U.S. Department of State (2009-10), focusing on the Arab Gulf, political Islam, and global religious affairs.

He is the author of From the Sacred to the State: Institutional Origins of Islamist Political Mobilization(under review), and the co-editor of a volume on Islamist political parties in Asia and the Middle East. In addition, he has written articles for Third World Quarterly, Middle Eastern Studies, MIT Center for International Studies, Project on Middle East Democracy, among many others.

Mecham graduated from Brigham Young University and received his master’s and doctorate degrees from Stanford University.

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