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    for WIAC 2014 on Diplomacy: Bridging Religious Divides

Diplomacy: Bridging Religious Divides

General Amos Jordan

Welcome to the website for WIAC 2014 on the topic of Diplomacy: Bridging Religious Divides.  We are confident you will have a most rewarding experience by attending.


Amos (Joe) Jordan
Wheatley Senior Fellow
B.G., U.S. Army Ret.






Roundtables 2014

Religion and Conflict: Just War and US Military Interventions

Roundtable Chair - Gerard Powers

Roundtable Information >>

Faith-based NGO's and International Diplomacy

Roundtable Chair - Richard Ruffin

Roundtable Information >>

Religion, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding

Roundtable Chair - Chad Ford

Roundtable Information >>

Legal and Political Impediments to Religious Engagement

Roundtable Chair - David Kirkham

Roundtable Information >>

Islam - Uses and Abuses: The Uprisings and Religious Freedom

Roundtable Chair - Donna Lee Bowen

Roundtable Information >>

Religion's Role in Countering Extremism

Roundtable Chair - James Patton

Roundtable Information >>

Religion as a Defining Element of Culture

Roundtable Chair - Patrick Mason

Roundtable Information >>

Religion and Foreign Policy

Roundtable Chair - Maryann Cusimano Love

Roundtable Information >>



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