• Economic Security

    Economic Security

    Achieve assured basic income for individuals

  • Food Security

    Food Security

    Attain physical and economic access to basic food

  • Health Security

    Health Security

    Guarantee minimum protection from diseases and unhealthy lifestyles

  • Environmental Security

    Environmental Security

    Protect people from the short- and long-term ravages of nature

  • Personal Security

    Personal Security

    Protect people from physical violence

  • Political Security

    Political Security

    Strengthen society and governments to honor basic human rights

  • Community Security

    Community Security

    Protect people from the loss of traditional relationships


General Amos JordanWelcome to the website for WIAC 2012 on the topic of human security.  We are confident you will have a most rewarding experience by attending.


Amos (Joe) Jordan
Wheatley Senior Fellow
B.G., U.S. Army Ret.







Hosted by the Wheatley Institution at Brigham Young University, the annual Wheatley International Affairs Conference (WIAC), held March 13 - 16, brings together nearly 100 students from across the nation in a lively, exciting exchange of ideas.


Roundtable topics are drawn from the United Nations Development Programme’s 1994 Human Development Report which defines human security. Please use the menu above to explore the roundtables.

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